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Only I can lead you through the

Labyrinth of your deepest desires

and darkest dreams...


I, Mistress Eyeris, am 

first and foremost a Witch and then a Dominatrix.

I am also a guide, artist and 

intellectual visionary.


As a Dominatrix and in combination with my Witches abilities,

my tools include bdsm, fbsm, massage,

traditional witch magic and my intuition. 


My goal is creation, expression,

domination, and evolution of the spirit.


"Do not be afraid of the dark.

Under my protection you can travel beneath the velvet midnight sky into the deep underground caves where there are crystals are growing, shining, singing.

In that place there is a shadow of yourself waiting to be embraced by my healing care.

I can see into the dark and I know there's nothing to fear.

Let me guide you there, 

so that you may shed your fears and attain connection of the body,

mind and spirit."


Enter deeper into my

realm and journey through the site!

Explore the services I offer and find

the ritual (or rituals) that are

best suited for you!


Below are links where you can find more of Mistress Eyeris/

The Bone Witch