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Why 24 hours notice?


Mistress Eyeris takes your healing experience and the preparation of your ritual very seriously.

This includes time, energy and magic to accurately collect together all the right elements and to firmly establish the route of our journey together.

Why a deposit?


To answer your emails, texts and phone calls uses energy and time, not only discuss details but to also schedule our ritual. 

The deposit is not only to show that you appreciate and respect Eyeris, it is also because Eyeris shares space in a beautiful and discreet location and should anything unfortunate occur, such as a last minute cancellation.

Your deposit will cover to cost of the space and

the time spent to organize the session.


This deposit and can be added to a future appointment within one week of the original deposit.

If you do not follow through with your initial deposit after arranging with Eyeris your session but still wish to have session, you will have to cover the past deposit plus the deposit to secure your time, then you may proceed with booking your session.



I do offer over night sessions with at least 24 hour notice required.

I do offer sessions with multiple providers.

(These sessions will include rates of the other provider(s) as well.)

Allow for one weeks notice. 


I do offer a sliding scale for femme, non binary and transitioning persons,

If this is something you'd be interested in be sure to mention this to Mistress Eyeris during our negotiations.


If you read through this page, use the phrase "mirror magic" when speaking to Mistress Eyeris and you will be in good graces.

That's a very desirable place to be with Mistress Eyeris

Proper etiquette to book a session, ritual or massage

All in person rituals begin with at least one hour in length and may be extended in half an hour increments.

At least 24 hours notice before you'd like to be seen by the Mistress. On rare occasions you can be seen the same day with at least 4 hours notice.

A non refundable deposit of at least $80 per each hour. (This will be subtracted from the total hourly when we meet in person.)

A brief description of your desired session with one main focus point you are interested in engaging in.


My hourly rate starts $350 and if you'd like to add more than one service, my rate increases $40 per additional service