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These rituals are "alternative forms of healing"

and although there is no certification for my fields of expertise.

I have years of experience and a wealth knowledge.

All the services and rituals provided should be treated with

the same respect, as you would give any other professional

in their field.

Do you feel an esoteric or spiritual disconnect

Do you wish to be healed by a true and poweful Witch

Based specifically on your intentions and desires which the

mistress is happy discuss in detail with you.

This is a specially crafted and personalized magic ritual is

developed to aid and soothe the body, mind and spirit.

With Mistress Eyeris' Witch Rituals all of the elements come into play. 

Earth, fire, water, air, and spirit.

Thus awakening every single one of your senses, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed from within.

Witch rituals do no involve massage or bdsm unless upon request.

(Refer to "Combination" session below)

These rituals can include but are not limited too...

•Re-connection with nature ritual

•Sound healing/baths 

•Crystal healing/baths 

•Plant guidance 

•Bone magic 

•Psychic training 

•Color tuning (Chakra Magic)

Re-connection with the higher self or soul parts. 

•Scent memory restoration

•Fire massage 

•Electro therapy/violet wand 

•Tarot readings - a selection of 13+ different decks  

Incense toxin pulling/ smoke cleansing

•Third Eye unlocking 

•Heart unlocking 

•Centering/grounding ritual

•Scratching release

•Psychic Meditation and visualizations

•Magic movement and stretching

•Witch worship

   These sessions are $350 an hour with one main focus point. You                               may customize your ritual and add additional services for $20 per interest.


After reading all the other sessions do you wish you could have a piece from each one?

Do you wish to explore to the sensual, the erotic

and magic together?

Combination sessions give you the ability to choose your favorite parts off the Witch riutal, Bdsm fetish, ad massage rituals.

Please be specific if you are including any bdsm or kinky activities, also when including the Witch ritual.